“Quiet Doors”

PEM features the “Quiet Door”, a line of doors designed with sound mitigation in mind. PEM Millwork delivers superior results through skill, knowledge and excellent craftsmanship.

Our team of valued employees produces acoustical doors complete with seals, hinges, and thresholds to provide easy-to-install units that meet strict noise mitigation compliance codes. Whether the need is for doors that require sound control compliance, or doors that meet a customer’s request for expertly constructed units with low sound transfer, PEM is pleased to partner with contractors to provide a quality product in a timely manner.

Since door openings are not always the same size, PEM Millwork specializes in providing doors for large contracts where individual custom door sizing may be needed. Our doors are tested locally in compliance with ASTM specifications and procedures. Please click on each door to view the STC rating and door details.

Steel – STC up to 41

  • Door: 1-3/4" Flush or 6-Panel Embossed
  • Core: Proprietary Sound
  • Skin: 18 Gauge Steel
  • Glazing: 1" IG units w/laminated glass
  • Frame:
    Finger Jointed Pine
    Welded Frame
  • Sill:
    Adjustable Aluminum
    Handicap Sill (ADA)
  • Hinges: 4-1/2 Ball Bearing
  • Finish: Factory paint finishing available
Available Styles
45 - 60 min
45 - 60 min
STC Testing in compliance with ASTM specifications & procedures