Home of the “Quiet Door”

Working with contractors to provide Acoustically Engineered Custom Door units, PEM Millwork has been serving the airport zones and other community high-sound impact areas since 1993, manufacturing and shipping STC tested quiet door solutions to reduce noise transmission. An STC rating, a single number rating system derived from the measured value of sound transmission loss in accordance with ASTM classification, is the accepted method used to compare the effectiveness of sound reduction in doors. Sound Mitigation Programs with doors provided by PEM Millwork are marked in green on the map.
Noise control or noise mitigation are strategies to reduce noise pollution, and PEM Millwork has rigorously tested their door offerings to consistently meet or exceed the quality levels desired by our contracting partners.

Reducing sound transmission through doors makes good sense and good neighbors. Sound control doors are the perfect solution to minimize sound transfer in senior citizen housing, historic renovations, apartment buildings, airport zones, and more.

PEM Millwork is a Company that works hard to meet our customer’s expectations. We custom-make our Sound Mitigation Doors to architect and contractor specifications. Specifications vary as to Wood, Steel or Fiberglass Doors, light openings of Tempered or Laminated glass, Steel or Solid Brass Hinges, and choices on entrance locksets and deadbolts. Matching up these components with our varied selection of doors provides the flexible door solutions contractors need to meet their project demands.